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Due to its accessibility, exposure, and opportunity, Canada has recently emerged as the popular and most sought-after study abroad destination. In order to ensure a quality check on academic standards, Canada has also established benchmarks and correct procedures. This opens up a wider range of choices and enables you to enrol in a renowned university in one of the richest nations in the world. Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec are the Canadian cities with the friendliest attitudes toward students, and they also have a few of the best colleges in the world.In Canada, an undergraduate degree can be earned in three to four years, but a postgraduate degree can be earned in one to three years. This is also based on the college and programme you select. Universities are renowned for their research endeavours and the high calibre of instruction they offer to students.Community colleges and technical, applied arts or applied science schools: they grant students with certificates, diplomas, associates and bachelors degrees. Since all the educational institutions are managed by provincial governments, some norms may vary from university to university.

Along with other vibrant countries like the USA and the UK, Canada has made a name for itself as one of the top destinations for education. The international university rankings include more than 20 Canadian universities, of which three are among the top fifty and eleven are within the top three hundred. You can receive a top-notch education and research experience at the University of Manitoba, University of Waterloo, Royal Roads University, Cambrian College, and many other universities.Comparatively speaking, Canadian tuition is less expensive than that of other popular study abroad locations including the US, UK, and Australia. Depending on the subjects and courses chosen, each Canadian university determines its own pricing structures. The cost of courses in the humanities and arts will typically be higher than that of engineering and medical.

There are plenty of scholarships, grants and aids available for international students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. There are scholarships which are solely provided by the university that you choose to study in, there are sports, academic and subject related scholarships that are based on your achievements in your respective fields. It is always advised to apply early since the funding is limited and the competition is very high.Needless to say, Canada is the right place to pursue your education if you plan to work after graduation. The visa laws and regulations are more relaxed and are very welcoming to international students.

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